Workforce Development Program

Are you interested in trying something new in your Vincentian ministry in addition to providing direct services to neighbors in need? How about offering a career path towards self-sufficiency to those who are willing and able to commit to our new workforce development strategy? St. Vincent de Paul Society of Milwaukee is taking a broader approach beyond Back2Work.

Conference Members requirements:

  • Offer this workforce opportunity and make a referral to Pedro via ServWare
  • Follow up to assure a connection is made
  • Consider being a Mentor to this Neighbor

Neighbors' requirements are:

  • Complete an application
  • Determine your strengths and area that need improvement, (assessment)
  • Show up on time for appointments
  • Develop and carry out your own career plan (education training, employment)
  • Work with a Mentor at least once weekly, if you are in Back2Work Program

Learn more by contacting:

Pedro Mercado
414) 667-0602

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